Rachel Moran with students.
Mark Brown / University of St. Thomas

In the News: Rachel Moran and Sarah Murtada on No-Knock Warrants

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A presentation by law professor Rachel Moran and law student Sarah Murtada is part of a story by the Star Tribune about the Minneapolis City Council's Policy & Government Oversight Committee meeting, which focused on no-knock warrants.

From the Article: Minnesota law has allowed no-knock warrants for years, but there are few policies specifying when they should and should not be used, Moran said.

"They are dangerous for reasons we've, unfortunately, all had an opportunity to confront recently, but they are historically dangerous," she said.

Council members also heard from Sarah Murtada, a University of St. Thomas law student who testified in favor of new no-knock regulations at the Legislature last year, Murtada lives in Bolero Flats where Locke was killed. She called for transparency and limits on when those warrants are executed, adding that officers must clearly and repeatedly announce their presence in those instances to allow people enough time to answer the door.