In the News: Rachel Moran on Thomas Lane's Guilty Plea

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Law professor Rachel Moran shared insight for KARE 11 News and the Associated Press into the plea agreement taken by former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane.

From the Associated Press article: Rachel Moran, a law professor at the University of St. Thomas, said it’s possible Lane received a better offer, though the public doesn’t know what happened behind the scenes. As for the other officers, she said Lane’s guilty plea has “got to make them think.”

“Particularly when I think most people would conceive of Thomas Lane as the least culpable of the three — and he’s the one pleading guilty,” Moran said. “Now if you are one of the other two left standing, it might change your position. ... They may have less appealing offers to work with, but it still puts pressure on them.”

Watch the interview with KARE 11 below: