Rachel Paulose

In the News: Rachel Paulose on Ahmaud Arbery Case

Law professor Rachel Paulose wrote a column for USA Today on the actions of one of the defense attorneys in the trial related to the murder of Ahmaud Arbery.

From the column: While the alleged killers of Ahmaud Arbery force their case to trial, one of their attorneys is propagating in the courtroom the systemic injustice that led to Arbery’s murder.

Kevin Gough represents William Bryan, one of three men who chased down and killed the unarmed Arbery as he jogged through the residential neighborhood of Brunswick, Georgia. Bryan filmed the fatal attack on Arbery.

Arbery’s death spurred protests, cast the spotlight once again on the daily lethal threats faced by people of color and inspired legal change when the governor of Georgia introduced a bill to reform Georgia’s citizen arrest law under which Arbery’s alleged killers claimed they were acting.