Angela Davis speaks with Roxanne Prichard in studio on the topic of loneliness

In the News: Roxanne Prichard Joins MPR to Discuss America's Loneliness Epidemic

Dr. Roxanne Prichard, professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, recently spoke with Angela Davis at MPR about loneliness and the various factors that can contribute to its different manifestations.

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From the interview:

Host: What would you say about loneliness? You know, we think about what it looks like. What does it look like?

Prichard: It doesn't necessarily have a look, and there are different types of loneliness. They can be lack of meaningful relationships. It can be a mismatch between you feeling like you can't bring your authentic self to communities you're in, you have to put up defense mechanisms. So, that can be very isolating when you feel like you are having to present something other than yourself in these spaces.