Opus College of Business student Yubi Hassan
Mark Brown / University of St. Thomas

In the News: Schulze School of Entrepreneurship Student Yubi Hassan Featured on FOX 9

Yubi Hassan, a senior at the University of St. Thomas Schulze School of Entrepreneurship, recently spoke with FOX 9 about his latest business venture, Blue Horn Tea, based on his grandmother’s Somalian recipe.

From the story:

Now Hassan has his sights set on a new venture in Blue Horn Tea, selling his grandmother’s recipe.

“The Blue Horn of Africa, that’s Somalia, that’s where I came from,” explained Hassan.

He has a small operation, brewing and handling all the processing and manufacturing.

“I want to make a difference. I want to set an example for others who look like me, or came from the places that I came from, that we can come and actually accomplish the American dream,” said Hassan.

At the age of 22, and three start-ups in his name, for Hassan, this is just the beginning.

“The thing that’s keeping me up and going is the possibility that I can create something that makes an impact. That I can leave behind to other people to look back to and be like, yeah that was something good,” said Hassan.

Hassan says that he credits his professors at St. Thomas for providing direction. He also appreciates that one high school teacher who encouraged him to go after his dreams.