Head coach John Tauer shouts instructions to his team during a men's basketball game versus Gustavus Adolphus College December 13, 2017 in Schoenecker Arena.

In the News: St. Thomas' D-I men's basketball journey begins with a history lesson

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St. Thomas men's basketball head coach Johnny Tauer spoke with the Star Tribune on the first few games of St. Thomas men's basketball debut D-I season.

From the article: "We had one of the best teams in Division III last season,'' Tauer said. "If there had been an NCAA tournament, we could've won it. I truly believe that. We played seven games with the pandemic, and won seven.

"The same guys that started for us last season are starting for us now. Plus, the top guys off the bench, along with Ben Nau, a freshman. They came with no idea they would be playing Division I games as seniors, but win or lose, they're loving it.''