Tyler Schipper headshot.

In the News: Tyler Schipper on How Twin Cities’ Inflation Compares to Nation

Tyler Schipper, economics professor at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, recently spoke with Marketplace about the Minneapolis-St. Paul region's year-over-year inflation rate, which is currently much lower the majority of the country.

From the story:

While we often talk about inflation from a national standpoint, in a country of more than 300 million people with a lot of economic diversity, there’s a big difference in what happens in one U.S. city versus another.

For example, prices over the last year rose just 1.8% in Minneapolis. Compare that to Miami, where inflation is at a whopping 9%. In this case, it really is a tale of two cities.

Despite inflation clocking in under the Federal Reserve’s 2% target rate, “I wouldn’t say [it’s] necessarily the best of times” in Minneapolis, said the University of St. Thomas’ Tyler Schipper. “We still need especially those food prices to come down.”