IRT's new Web site offers information and technical support

IRT’s new Web site offers information and technical support

By Liz Houle
Director, Web and Media Services

Information Resources and Technologies invites all members of the St. Thomas community to visit its newly designed Web site.

The new site provides technology support and services for students, faculty and staff, with important information to support learning, teaching and administration. Creating the content and producing a cohesive presentation for the 700-page site has been a large undertaking; it combines the former IRT, Teaching and Learning with Technology, and Enterprise Web sites.

The new IRT Web site has several features to help you find what you need:

  • Audience Paths. We created “audience paths” for faculty, staff and students. We grouped together links in those areas that should help meet the needs of each unique audience.
  • Links to departments. You’ll find links to each of the departments within IRT. You can select Client Services, Information Technology, Libraries, Network & Telecom Services, and Web & Media Services, and will see descriptions of services they provide and unique information we have to share.  
  • Self-Service Zone. The Self-Service Zone is a collection of services that you can receive without any further consultation. Here you can “get something done,” from buying hardware to changing your password.
  • Help & Support. We share help, tips and how-tos under the Help & Support menu, organized as an index of the different areas where we provide you service.
  • Services & Requests. This area includes request that come to us specifically in an online-form, or that require you to provide us with some up-front information.
  • News & Publication. This is the area where we put our most recent articles, presentations and instructional posts. It includes an archive and you will soon be able to subscribe to our RSS feed.
  • IRT Projects. Here you can get more information about our ongoing projects, and review the milestones as we progress.
  • Quick Links. The IRT Web is now available via the “Quick Links” on the home page.

Changes and corrections
While we are excited about the new Web site, we realize a Web site is never completely finished. Things change and improvements will always be made. If, in your travels through the new IRT Web site, you find something that needs to be changed, please let us know. Send your feedback, including the specific URL or Web page, to or through our feedback form at

Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues in IRT for their extra effort compiling, writing and providing input for the community. For some time we have felt like “the shoemaker’s kids” with no real Web site of our own. I also thank the Web and Media Services team for their talent and considerable support in the completion of this site – in addition to supporting the many other Web projects underway.