Library today: Celebrate Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month I thought I would highlight the African American Studies Center. This is a wonderful resource for history, women's studies, American studies, and several other disciplines.

It’s loaded with background information and images. It’s got easy-to-find primary source documents, such as the text to President Obama’s inauguration speech. There are maps, timelines, statistics and charts. Yeah, yeah – statistics and charts – boring.

Here’s the good stuff: Watch world-changing events such as the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington, D.C., and the Brown v Board of Education victory. And since the Olympics start this week, how about a journey back to 1936 when Jesse Owens won the gold medal in Berlin. USA! USA! USA!

While there aren’t tons of videos in this resource, it’s got a lot of images and excellent text for background information. Like I said, it crosses several disciplines, so try to remember it next time you need background information, biographical information, charts, images, primary sources, maps, timelines or statistics. Forego Wikipedia and get the good stuff from the African American Studies Center.