Major Winter Storm is Coming; Here's Where to get St. Thomas-related Information

The National Weather Service has declared a winter storm warning for central and south-central Minnesota – including the Twin Cities – from Friday evening until Sunday morning.

Twin Cities weather forecasters are predicting a foot or more of snow and high winds that will be followed by bitterly cold temperatures. Forecasters currently are saying that travel is not recommended Saturday or Saturday night.

There are two sources of information to find out how the winter storm will affect weekend activities at University of St. Thomas campuses:

  • By phone: You can dial (651) 962-SNOW (on campus, dial 2-SNOW) to find out if the university will close due to severe winter-weather conditions. (If your phone doesn’t have letters on the number keys, the SNOW number is [651] 962-7669.)
  • On the Web: Information about the storm’s impact on St. Thomas can be found at the UST Cares Web site.

General information about how St. Thomas responds to winter storms can be found in this Bulletin Today story, which was published last month. You also can access this story by clicking on the coupon, titled “Snow Emergency Guidelines,” which can be found on the St. Thomas home page.

Important note: No decisions have been made at this time about St. Thomas’ shuttle-bus service between the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses over the weekend; however, be aware that the bus might be pulled from service because of dangerous travel conditions.