Opus College of Business sign in Minneapolis.

My MBA Journey - From India to Minnesota

Curiosity has led me to break through stereotypes. As a girl from a conservative Indian family, I faced resistance when I decided to do a Master of Business abroad. But my lofty dreams and passion to see success in life were much stronger. Through some friends in Minnesota, I came across University of St. Thomas – Opus College of Business.

I have always been motivated by Peter Drucker, a leader in the development of management education. The creativity and innovation expressed in Drucker’s theories of management resonates with my experiences and goals. His concepts of "management by objective" and “knowledge worker” have inspired me to think globally and give me a passion for an international education.

St. Thomas MBA candidate '19

An early interest in marketing and entrepreneurship

As a child, I was very curious about the world around me. I was fascinated about advertisements on TV, billboards and little pamphlets thrown near our doorstep, persuading my family to buy their products and services.

I started my career by selling t-shirts online in India -- my first step as a marketer. From there, I worked as a full-time account manager at an e-commerce startup, a product marketing associate at a Fortune 500 company and a brand manager at a global advertising agency. I was involved in Model United Nations (MUN) and co-founded Shanshray - a non-profit organization that connects people in need to employment opportunities.

A strong network within St. Thomas

I was happy to learn that most St. Thomas alumni were working in some of the top Minnesota companies.

I did a lot of networking over phone and email, reaching out to around 15-20 people on LinkedIn. The St. Thomas alumni and current students took time to talk with me, understand my interests and ask a lot of questions about my aspirations. Their insight helped me get even better clarity on my goals going forward, including my interests in marketing and entrepreneurship.

I was also pleased to learn that St. Thomas’s MBA courses like Applied Business Research, Negotiation Management, LINKS and Effective Communications were proving useful in their every day work life.

When I needed any information about students or professors, the graduate admissions team at Opus was also highly responsive. They took great interest on what I was looking to achieve from the program and for my longer-term goals.

As an International student, the surrounding environment is very important. After my pre-MBA experience, I felt more confident about my decision on the Full-Time MBA program at Opus College of Business. Choosing the right school is not just about the curriculum or campus placements, but also the people who shape and define you. At St. Thomas, I have found both.

Priyanka Muttaraju, MBA Candidate ‘19