Meet Arun Deivasigamani '08 M.B.A.

When I began the Evening UST MBA program, I already had a bachelor's and a master's degree in mechanical engineering. But I decided to obtain an MBA because my skills were becoming too technically focused, and I wanted to engage more in the business side of the company. I strongly felt that an MBA would be the best way to understand the business and contribute more effectively to the company’s progress.

My growth in the program proved this to be true.  I am a better systems thinker - I can detach myself from my specific role and look at my organization as a whole.  This is a huge advantage because it allows me to understand, support and influence areas of the company beyond my department.

I chose St. Thomas because of its unique combination of students, faculty, facilities and curriculum.  UST MBA faculty and campuses are world-class.  The Evening UST MBA is an ideal program to acquire a high-quality graduate business degree while still working full time. The students and faculty provided a supportive atmosphere where I was free to discuss global issues.  I have worked in India, Sweden and the U.S. during the past seven years, and I felt encouraged to share my own perspectives and insights about how business is conducted around the world and about critical cultural differences.

The Evening UST MBA was the perfect choice for me. The courses were demanding but highly relevant and rewarding.  The workload was appropriate for a working professional, and I was able to balance my school, work, family and social life successfully while completing the program in less than three years.

This program has prepared me to face the numerous challenges at my work today at General Mills. Those challenges range from managing multiple vendors to building a project team from plant locations with different work cultures. While attending UST, I sought ways to incorporate the teachings into my work life. Having worked for over a year after graduation now, I can still see the value of my MBA courses. My Evening UST MBA continues to surpass my expectations.

Graduated: Evening UST MBA '08
Employer: General Mills, Inc
Position: Lead Package Engineer
Undergraduate degrees: University of Madras (India), B.E. '99; University of Illinois-Chicago, M.S. '01