Mobile flu triage screening unit expected to open on campus next week

In her weekly H1Ni influenza report to the University of St. Thomas community, Madonna McDermott, director of the University of St. Thomas Student Health Service and Wellness Center, said a mobile triage screening unit will be up and running approximately at the end of next week.

The mobile facility, she said, will be located near the Student Health Service and will provide much-needed additional space to see the number of students who are coming to the clinic with flu symptoms.

The number continues to climb. This week there were 115 unconfirmed new cases. That's up from 74 the week before and brings the semester total to 393.

Among other updates, McDermott reminded students this week that the H1N1 Web reporting absentee site is to be used only once, and asked students to refer to the UST Student Self-Screening Triage Protocal chart to determine if they should be evaluated by a health-care professional.

McDermott's weekly update (and the Student Self-Screening Triage Protocal chart) is now posted on university's Pandemic Web site, which is St. Thomas' designated site for sharing flu-related announcements to students, staff and faculty.  

If information needs to be shared sooner than on a weekly basis, announcements will be made in Bulletin Today or sent via a Bulletin Update e-mail.