Payroll and Human Resources Lists Early Deadlines due to Banner Upgrade and Thanksgiving

Payroll and Human Resources announce the following early deadlines for the Nov. 25 paycheck:

  • Non-Base Compensation payment requests due Monday, Nov. 16
  • Adjunct Faculty Contract requests due Monday, Nov. 16
  • Staff and Student Miscellaneous Pay Forms due at noon on Monday, Nov. 16
  • Time sheet approvals are at noon on Monday, Nov. 16

Please note, Banner will be unavailable Friday, Nov. 13, through Sunday, Nov. 15.


Payroll/time sheets: Please contact Annie Hanebuth at (651) 962-6514, Charlie Yang at (651) 962-6513 or Janelle Larsen at (651) 962-6805.

Non-Base Compensation: Please contact Allicia Firkus at (651) 962-6910.

Adjunct Faculty Contracts: Please contact Dane Aadland at (651) 962-6398.