Moments of contact. Portraits of the joyful, the silly and the intense. The sun cutting through fog or through clear skies. We’ve picked these moments, and the others you see here, from the more than 7,000 we collected in 2017, as our favorites of the year.

Make no mistake – this collection of images is not a comprehensive view of the year. Sometimes a photo is included because it was a major event on campus. Others are here because they’re a deep cut we loved but never got to display. What you see here is a record of the pride and care we took with the slices of St. Thomas we encountered in 2017.

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About The Author

Director of Photography

Mike Ekern is the director of photography for the University of St. Thomas.

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6 Responses

  1. V

    Your work is compelling, memorable… moving. An amazing and beautiful resource.

  2. Carol Tarsa M Ed '08

    For those of us alumni who live far away from the UST campus, these wonderful pictures are much appreciated. Even way down here in Austin, Texas I feel connected to UST!

  3. Kirk Livingston

    Great photos! They hint at the breadth of life on the UST campuses and well beyond. I love how they capture such powerful moments.


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