Planning to graduate this spring?

Planning to graduate this spring?

Every semester, advisers and academic counselors meet several students who plan to graduate but find out too late that they are missing requirements and can't make changes to their current schedule; thus they aren't eligible for graduation.

Advisers and academic counselors can go through your degree audit with you to ensure you have met all of your requirements and are eligible to graduate. Your degree audit must be "perfect" with no requirements outstanding in order to graduate.

Some common areas students often overlook are:

  • The senior residency requirement
  • Filing the appropriate degree plan for majors or minors
  • Computer competency activities
  • Forgetting to drop a major or minor
  • Course substitutions and waivers
  • Meeting the required GPA
  • Meeting the 132-credit requirement

To avoid disappointment, make an appointment with your faculty adviser (professional business adviser for Opus College of Business students, [651] 962-5544) or an academic counselor, (651) 962-6300.