Dave Deavel

Podcast: Deep Down Things with Guest Father Joseph Carola

Professor of Catholic Studies David Deavel talks with Father Joseph Carola about the Catholic tradition and the Church fathers.

Q. In many ways, the Church today is facing a similar kind of – the ground is moving under us, there are lots of things that are collapsing. Do you think that we're in a similar position, were you thinking of that when you were writing this article?
A. Absolutely. The first culture wars of the 21st century were actually fought in the 19th century. Everything we're dealing with now, they find their origins coming out of the Enlightenment, French Revolution, and they're taking off throughout the 19th century.

Q. You speak in this article about community, one of the things that needed recovery was a sense of community. What do you mean by that?
A. Over the years as chaplains, one of our chief goals was to form a community within the house. What I realized was that the community we formed around the Eucharist was a sustaining factor, it became the context in which they served. We need the community to sustain us in our faith.

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