Post Graduation Survey report now available

Post Graduation Survey report now available

By Diane Crist, Career Development Center

The results of the Post Graduation Survey are in! Each year the Career Development Center administers the survey that provides information to students, employers, faculty, staff and administration regarding activities of recent UST undergraduate alumni.

The report is often distributed to students in workshops and counseling sessions in order to educate them on possible career paths and entry-level salary ranges. Many employers analyze salary information contained in the report as a factor in determining entry-level salaries for the upcoming recruiting season.

The Career Development Center, with the help of Institutional Research and Analysis, sent surveys by e-mail and mail to 1,027 December 2006 and May-July 2007 graduates. We were able to collect information on 543 (52.8 percent) of those contacted.

Here are some of the results of the survey:

The median salary range for this class was $30,001 to $35,000.

Of those responding to the survey, 55.45 percent reported having an internship while at St. Thomas, 18.82 percent are currently enrolled in an advanced degree program, and 40.22 percent say they plan to enroll within four years of graduation.

Here is the respondents' employment status:

  • Employed full time – 395 (72.74 percent)
  • Employed part time – 51 (9.39 percent)
  • Volunteer service – 10 (1.84 percent)
  • Military service – 7 (1.29 percent)
  • Not employed, currently seeking – 25 (4.60 percent)
  • Not employed, not seeking – 55 (10.13 percent)

(Percentages are of those who responded to the questions.)

Data is reported both as a whole and by academic department. The graduates were asked about employment status and sector, salary range, internship experience, plans for continuing education (including degree sought and field of study), and what state they reside in. A listing of employers and job titles as well as graduate schools and programs also are in the report.

To keep our response rate high for the 2008 survey, departments with newsletters reaching recent alumni are encouraged to inform the December 2007 and May-July 2008 undergraduate class about the upcoming survey mailing in November 2008. Survey respondents will be entered into a drawing for five gift certificates – the grand prize will be worth $100.

The complete report may be viewed on the Career Development Center’s Web site. Hard copies of this report as well as previous reports may be requested by contacting the Career Development Center, (651) 962-6761.