Professional Notes

Dr. Nick Nissley, Organization Learning and Development Department, recently was invited to Antioch College to present two summer courses on storytelling in education. "Learning From Our Own Stories: Using Personal Stories to Connect With Self and Others" was a career development workshop for teachers. The other course, "Improvisation at Work in the Classroom," engaged teachers in improvisational theater techniques to enhance their classroom performance. Nissley taught this course with former acting colleagues Amy Bennett and Justin Simons, directors of Playback Columbus, an improvisational storytelling theater company.

James Rogers, Center for Irish Studies and New Hibernia Review, won a full scholarship to attend a workshop at the Great River Arts Institute of Walpole, N.H. The workshop, "Re-Collection: The Art of the Memoir," will be held July 11-15 with literary journalist Douglas Whynott and novelist Laurie Alberts.