Public Safety advisory: Thefts in physical education buildings

Public Safety advisory: Thefts in physical education buildings

Public Safety would like to advise the University of St. Thomas community of a number of recent thefts that have occurred in O’Shaughnessy Hall gymnasium building and the Physical Education Center. Through reporting, Public Safety has learned of four thefts that occurred within two weeks of each other, while students were exercising or using facilities in the buildings.

It should be noted that in each instance, the stolen property was taken from an unsecured area out of view of the owners.

Public Safety is seeking additional information on possible suspects in these incidents. If you have any information about these crimes, please contact Public Safety, (651) 962-5100.

Did you know:

  • It takes eight seconds for a thief to enter a room or office and leave with your valuables.
  • More than 90 percent of room and office thefts involve occupants who were “just gone for a few moments.”


  • Do not bring unnecessary valuables, credit cards, or money when using exercise facilities.
  • Be alert to any people in buildings or residence halls who appear suspicious. You know the areas that you live and work in best. If in doubt, notify Public Safety.
  • Do not leave your purses, laptops, wallets, cash or other valuables unsecured in plain sight or unattended in public areas for even a short period of time.
  • Remember suspect information, including approximate age, height, weight and details on hair, clothing, jewelry, scars, tattoos – anything noticeable.