25 Years of International Business Education

CoB International Education Timeline

1979First January Term abroad course in business is offered through the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE) consortium – The Business Grand Tour (Netherlands, Belgium, France). Taught by Shirley Polejewski and Robert Veverka.

1982UMAIE: Commerce and Culture in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, France) course offered. Taught by Shirley Polejewski and Robert

1984Master of International Management program begins.

1986First exchange agreement with an overseas university – Northwest University, Xi’an, China. Faculty exchange begins with Tom Holloran.

1988International Law & Business in a European Environment (Netherlands,  France, Switzerland, Germany) course offered. Taught by Shirley Polejewski and Jay Erstling.

1989First January Term course in Asia (China) offered through UMAIE – China and  Change: Implications for the West. Taught by Tom Holloran and Jack Gessner.

1989St. Thomas helps to develop a graduate program in business at Universidad Catolica  del Uruguay, Uruguay.

1992China in Transition course taught by Joe Shramer.Became Asian Political Economy, most recently offered in 2004.

1994New course offered in partnership with University of Caen, France – International Finance. Taught by Ameeta Jaiswal-Dale.

1995London Business Semester begins. Phil Anderson is named first faculty director.

1997Insurance Seminar in London course offered. Taught by Peter Young.

1997First summer program abroad is established – Management 480 in London and Ireland. Taught by Phil Anderson.

2000First spring break program offered for graduate students – Global Finance Services Marketplace in London. Taught by Peter Young.

2001New semester “embedded” program offered in partnership with the University of Havana, Cuba – Business Spanish in Cuba. Taught by Jenny Herbst.

2005New course to be offered in partnership with Fachhochschule Trier,  Germany – Business Law and Ethics in the European Union. Taught by Susan Marsnik and Doug Jondle.

200510th anniversary of the London Business Semester.

Exchange Programs 1986 - Northwest University, Xi’an, China1989 - Fachhochschule Trier, Germany1990 - Osaka Gakuin University, Japan1991 - University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing, China1992 - University of Paderborn, Germany1992 - Curtin University fo Technology, Australia1993 - Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, Uruguay1994 - University of Caen, France1997 - Instituto Centroamericano de Administracion de Empresas (INCAE), Costa Rica

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