Mingu Kang and Ali Ling headshots.

Faculty Profile: Dr. Ali Ling and Dr. Mingu Kang

Dr. Ali Ling, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Courses: Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Introduction to Engineering  

Student-Faculty Research: Mentoring an undergraduate civil engineering student who will study and analyze data from research done on PFAS concentrations and find links between the compound size and accumulation in the food webs in the Mississippi River to better characterize how much PFAS impacts aquatic life. 

Student Teaching Philosophy: I want students to learn to figure stuff out on their own.

Why Civil Engineering: I feel passionate about water quality and quantity. I think it is a problem that will increase in importance in the next few decades. It is just so integral in the quality of life that we have. We need to have clean drinking water and need to get rid of our wastewater in a clean and efficient way. That is what drives my excitement for my field and my passion for both research and teaching. 

Dr. Mingu Kang, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Courses: Soil Mechanics and Foundations, Transportation Engineering 

Student-Faculty Research: Working with students on the development and application of new field sensors that accurately estimate substructures of transportation facilities. We plan to develop an improved sensor that can be applied to the broader area of structures and use such a sensor to understand the climate influence on transportation facilities.

Student Teaching Philosophy: 

Let the students understand why they are learning, why this is important, and how this knowledge can be applied to real-world situations. Creating a supportive environment providing regular and constructive feedback is critical to the role of a facilitator in creative education.

Why Civil Engineering: I was intrigued by the fact that civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering areas that creates the space and environment in which humankind can prosper.

This story is featured in the spring 2024 issue of St. Thomas Engineer.

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