National Institute of Health Policy

New program director at the NIHP

Marie Dotseth has been appointed program director of the National Institute of Health Policy (NIHP) in the Opus College of Business. She is the first fulltime program director of the institute.

NIHP has just launched two policy reform programs: a Medicare payment demo and a Medical Arms Race decision-making analysis, and is considering a regional nonprofit accountability project that, together with other ongoing efforts such as the States Health Summit, makes program leadership critical.

Prior to joining NIHP, Dotseth was the director of patient safety policy at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. She also worked for the Minnesota Department of Health, where she was the senior policy adviser for patient safety, and an assistant to the commissioner and senior policy adviser for Allina Health System, where she was director of public policy, and for the Veterans Health Administration, where she worked as a biomedical engineer and a project engineer.

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