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A Selection of Books by CAS Faculty

Madame Bovary Translated by Raymond N. MacKenzie, English Department(Hackett Publishing Co. Inc., 2009)

Flaubert's 1857 Madame Bovary often is considered one of the greatest European novels, centering on Emma Bovary, a young married woman whose search for meaning in life degenerates into tragedy. MacKenzie's new translation is a faithful, careful rendering of the original. He also includes an extensive introduction discussing Flaubert's life, the process of writing Madame Bovary, the world in which the novel is set, and its publication and reception.

As one reviewer said, "By capturing the rhythms of the original French, and adopting a vocabulary which is neither too contemporary nor too dated, MacKenzie gives his readers the opportunity to enter into the heart of one of the great classics of world literature."

Visual Theology Edited by Robin M. Jensen, Vanderbilt University, andKimberly J. Vrudny, UST Theology Department(Liturgical Press, 2009)

At least since the time of Paul, Christians have wrestled with the power and danger of religious imagery in the visual arts. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that there emerged in Western Christianity an integrated, academic study of theology and the arts. One of the pioneers of that movement was H. Wilson Yates, emeritus professor at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. In this book, Yates and 14 other theologians examine how visual culture reflects or addresses pressing contemporary religious questions. The aim throughout is to engage the reader in theological reflection, mediated and enhanced by the arts.

Wavelet Theory: An Elementary Approachwith Applications By David K. Ruch, Metropolitan State College of Denver, and Patrick J. Van Fleet, UST Mathematics Department(John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2009)

Exploring the growing relevance of wavelets in the field of mathematics, this book provides an introduction to the topic, detailing the fundamental concepts and presenting its major impacts in the world beyond academia. Drawing on concepts from calculus and linear algebra, this book helps readers sharpen their mathematical proof writing and reading skills through interesting, real-world applications. To illustrate the relevance of wavelet theory in the digital age, the book includes two in-depth sections on current applications: the FBI Wavelet Scalar Quantization Standard and image segmentation.

Encountering Paul: Understanding the Manand His Message By Tatha Wiley, Theology Department(Rowman & Littlefield Publishers Inc., 2010)

The figure of the apostle Paul looms large in Christian history. But which understanding of Paul is correct: Is it the Paul who proclaims our freedom in Christ or the Paul who demands that slaves obey their masters? The Paul who works closely with women evangelists, or the Paul who instructs women to submit to the rule of their husbands? Is it the deeply Jewish Paul or the Paul who rejects the law? Drawing on the literary and historical insights that have revolutionized contemporary Paul scholarship, Wiley separates these different voices of Paul and their conflicting legacies. She not only illumines the authentic, historical Paul but also accounts for his influence in history.

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