Opus After Dark

Photos by Thomas Whisenand

Since the Minneapolis campus of St. Thomas opened in 1991, the once-isolated blocks on the southern edge of downtown have become a hive of activity, especially after dark. While during the day, the Opus College of Business welcomes approximately 400 students, faculty and staff, it’s when the sun goes down that the college really shines.

  • At night, 1,500 students inhabit Schulze, Terrence Murphy and Opus halls.
  • Sixty-six classes are held on the Minneapolis campus each evening.
  • Nearly 60 instructors – both adjunct and full-time – teach graduate and undergraduate business students after working hours.
  • Tuesday is the busiest night at the Opus College of Business, with 685 students taking classes.
  • Opus College of Business students, both graduate and undergraduate, help contribute to the vitality of downtown Minneapolis in the evening.

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