Rock the Garden

Opus College of Business Returns to Rock the Garden

In the fall issue, we reported that the Opus College of Business co-sponsored Rock the Garden 2009, hosted by the Walker Art Center and 89.3 The Current. Promoting its theme of a Zero Waste Education, the Opus College of Business gave away more than 150 tickets to the sold-out show. During the event, staff and students handed out thousands of bike lights and hundreds of t-shirts while answering questions about the university and its business programs. In addition, college staff, students and alumni used the opportunity to launch Facebook and Twitter pages, using these social media channels to give away tickets, keep friends and followers updated, and further highlight the community-oriented event. Due to the success of the event, the Opus College of Business will return as a co-sponsor for Rock the Garden 2010, which will be held on June 19.

Visit, and for information about ticket giveaways and details about the college’s participation in the event.

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