Logos magazine covers.

The Journal of the Catholic Studies Movement

The importance of a sustained encounter with the claims of Catholic thought and culture has never been more important. Springing from Catholic Studies’ commitment to contribute to national and international developments in Catholic higher education, we began publishing Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture in 1997. Since then, Logos has served as an interdisciplinary meeting point for scholars to publish their finest work and for readers to remain engaged in the beauty, truth, and vitality of Christianity as it is rooted in and shaped by Catholicism.

While Logos has fewer than 400 individual print edition subscribers, we set a new Logos record in 2022 with more than 18,000 full-text hits on Project Muse – that is, people accessing a full article digitally through their institution’s library. Project Muse is a database run by the Johns Hopkins University Press, and academic and public libraries subscribe to get access to thousands of journals, including ours.


Academic researchers, students writing undergraduate essays and graduate dissertations, and general readers around the world. It is interesting to note that only 37% of our Project Muse readers are in the U.S., with roughly another third in the rest of the English-speaking world and a final third where English is not the first language.

This story is featured in the summer 2023 issue of Lumen.