The Tech Innovator

Twenty-five alumni from 25 years of the Catholic Studies program: Nick Stokman.

For Nick Stokman, technology is pretty humane. “Innovation starts as a very human response,” he says. “You see a need and you fill it.”

Stokman is founder and CEO of VidGrid, an interactive platform designed to help make teaching, learning and communicating easier using video.

“One thing I have really been struck by is the realization that faith, deciding something is a reasonable bet when part of it is beyond comprehension, is absolutely crucial for rapid innovation in a company … if an employee recommends something to me that I don’t understand — but looking back … the type of recommendation — it’s reasonable, and a lot faster and easier to delegate if I trust him. This is also my experience of the Church. The Church has been right about so many things in my life. It’s become reasonable for me to trust what she says even if I don’t understand it in the moment.”

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