The Scroll: Food Fussies

Food matters. If I ever had any doubt, this semester has changed my mind.

It first became obvious when I whined about there never being enough chocolate chip cookies. I did suggest a reasonable remedy – bake only chocolate chip cookies.

Susan Alexander

Susan Alexander

I immediately heard from every chocolate chip aficionado who I have mowed down in my dash for the last of the best cookies. That’s quite a few people.

Then a Snickerdoodle fan accused me of attempting to ruin St. Thomas. Geez, who would think anyone could be so attached to Snickerdoodles?

In a totally unrelated complaint, there were the people who ranted that we did not stock enough Diet Mountain Dew, and what could I do about that? Since I always have thought of Mountain Dew as a beverage best sipped from a Mason jar, I don’t think I’m the right standard bearer for this group.

Well, no sooner had the cookie and Mountain Dew flap died down than people started lobbying about coffee. Dining Services ran blind tastings to try to settle the matter. Fisticuffs did not break out, but there were strong and divergent opinions. Gayle Lamb refereed … er … ran the tastings. She tells me that Alakef Coffee Roasters from Duluth was the general favorite, and its brew will be available at Summit Marketplace, T’s, Beaker’s Coffee Cart and the Brady Coffee Cart. I’m still not sure about those coffee plantations in Duluth.

Minneapolis, as usual, did not agree with St. Paul and will slurp Starbuck’s. In keeping with ranked-choice voting procedures, Peace Coffee will be served in The Loft and The View in St. Paul. If this doesn’t make sense to you, try voting in Minneapolis.

No matter the brew, there will be no satisfying the Coffee Bené faithful who are bemoaning the loss of Traves Lundberg.

And if T’s Action Station chef Michael Torres leaves, I am sure people will transfer! People have made enrollment and employment decisions on the basis of less important issues than stir fry.