St. Thomas Aerial

The Scroll: That's My School

It’s kind of adorable how so many of my St. Thomas friends and alumni are incredibly proud to be Tommies. For instance, when news broke that the Tommies defeated the Johnnies in the 81st edition of the Tommie-Johnnie game, immediate cheers were proclaimed via social media. I wasn’t at the game but I saw the score and shared digital high-fives with friends across the country.

Martha McCarthy '11

This week, when the breathtakingly beautiful helicopter photo of campus was posted, it was sent around social like a Christmas card – spreading the “Would you look at that campus?!” message in a matter of minutes. So even though I’m no longer chit-chatting my way across campus or receiving email announcements from my resident adviser, I still feel like I’m keeping up with UST news.

Speaking of UST news …

The other day I had to inform an alumnus that the Aquin is no more. We reminisced about the days when stacks of the weekly student newspaper were dropped off in the corners of stairwells on Friday mornings and how we grabbed a copy on the way to class. It became a routine, a tradition, and before tweeting and texting, it was a way to get everyone on the same page.

As the Aquin becomes a distant memory, we welcome TommieMedia and the Newsroom to the mix. Thanks to their active social media streams, hot-off-the-press news can be distributed with the touch of a button, and Tommies everywhere can share a common bond over exciting announcements. Whether it’s a subtle “That’s My School” nod to the computer screen or a physical cheer at the sight of a Tommie victory pic in the paper … some things never change.