Seventeen Seniors Nominated for Tommie Award

Seventeen seniors have been nominated by students, faculty and staff for the 2017 Tommie Award.

The nominees are:

Mackenzie Burke
Tiara Gowen
Ellie Henkemeyer
Zachary Lang
Scott Laska
Bridget McGivern
Michelle Miller
Mary Naughton
Bekka Peterson
Maria Post
Elizabeth Reynolds
Ellie Rowland
Sarah Rumon
Gabrielle Ryan
Maria Silva Olvera
Alex Spanton
Shannon Twiss

Profiles for each of the 17 nominees, including photos and resumes, are available online.

Preliminary voting for three Tommie Award finalists will take place Dec. 6-8. Undergraduate students, faculty and staff will receive an email with voting instructions.

For more information, please contact the Tommie Award coordinator, Vern Klobassa, by phone (651) 962-6464 or email or visit the Tommie Award website.

The Division of Student Affairs is the proud sponsor of the Tommie Award.