St. Thomas Employee Federal Credit Union Announces New Rates for Recreational Vehicles

Due to the popularity of recreational vehicles and requests from our membership, the St. Thomas Employee Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce that a new category has been created to cover recreational vehicles that are either registered, titled or licensed.

Competitive rates start at 5.75 percent with further discounts given for members with acceptable credit scores.

New, purchased recreational vehicles may be financed up to 60 months and at 100 percent of the bottom line of purchase value. Used recreational vehicles also may qualify, depending on year of the vehicle, and for up to 90 percent of the NADA value.

The St. Thomas Employee Federal Credit Union continues to offer competitive new and used car loans as well as personal signature loans. If you have a car loan from another lender, the St. Thomas Credit Union also does refinancing of loans for new and used cars. All loans given are based on the member’s credit scores.

As spring approaches, perhaps it is time to start that home project that you have been putting off since last fall.

For further information, contact the credit union, (651) 962-6660.