St. Thomas' Journal of Law and Public Policy to Host Oct. 7 Symposium on Presidential Authority

The Journal of Law and Public Policy at the University of St. Thomas School of Law will host a symposium on “Presidential Powers: Prudence or Perversion?” from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 7, in the school’s Schulze Grand Atrium.

The symposium will address the balance between the U.S. president's duty to protect the lives and safety of the nation's citizens and his or her duties to respect the prerogatives of Congress and operate within limits established by the Bill of Rights.

Symposium speakers include University of Minnesota law professor Heidi Kitrosser, Yale law professor and constitutional law expert Akhil Amar, and Berkeley law professor and former Justice Department official John Yoo. University of St. Thomas School of Law professors Robert Delahunty, Michael Paulsen, and Hamline University Professor David Schultz will participate as panelists.

The symposium will begin with Kitrosser presenting her paper on "Accountability, Transparency, and Presidential Supremacy." She will be followed by a panel discussion on Barack Obama at the midpoint of his term.

Amar will open the afternoon portion of the event via live video-conference and John Yoo will follow with comments from his book, Crisis in Command.  A panel titled “Crisis in Command” will close the symposium.

The Journal of Law and Public Policy is a School of Law student organization that hosts two symposia each year.

To register for symposium, send an e-mail to  For more information, including a schedule of presentation times, visit this School of Law events Web site.

Continuing-legal-education credits have been applied for. A reception with light refreshments will follow the symposium.