Tech Tuesday: Technology policies at UST

Tech Tuesday: Technology policies at UST

From Information Resources and Technologies

Information Resources and Technologies policies serve many purposes for the UST community. These policies further the university's mission by educating the community about best practices in information technology, promoting universitywide operational efficiencies and reducing institutional risks. They also guide students, faculty and staff to help ensure compliance with university regulations, and applicable state and federal laws.

Over the coming years, technologies at St. Thomas will continue to grow and change at a rapid pace. In order to integrate new technologies into our IT infrastructure and facilitate their use, it is vitally important that the university have sound policies and procedures related to the use and implementation of information technologies.

IRT works with appropriate groups across the university to ensure that the university maintains a proper balance between ease of use and information security. In an ongoing effort to communicate these policies, IRT maintains an easily accessible page on the IRT Web site called Standards and Policies.

Included on this page are:

For information about any of these policies, click on the above links or visit the Standards and Policy page for an overview of these policies.

Current UST e-mail policy

UST policy states that e-mail is a resource provided by the university to assist in the performance of university business. UST encourages the use of information technology resources to support its mission. Use of the university's e-mail resources for the conduct of personal commercial business is strictly forbidden. University e-mail resources cannot be used to harass others. You can read the complete Responsible Use of University Computing Resources Policy online.

For additional information about technology standards and policies, visit the IRT Web site, talk to your technology consultant or contact the Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.