Theology Professor Publishes 'Making Christian History' Book

Michael Hollerich of the Theology Department in the College of Arts and Sciences recently had a book, Making Christian History: Eusebius of Caesarea and His Readerspublished by the University of California Press. 

About the book: Known as the “Father of Church History,” Eusebius was bishop of Caesarea in Palestine and the leading Christian scholar of his day. His Ecclesiastical History is an irreplaceable chronicle of Christianity’s early development, from its origin in Judaism, through two and a half centuries of illegality and occasional persecution, to a new era of tolerance and favor under the Emperor Constantine. In this book, Michael J. Hollerich recovers the reception of this text across time. As he shows, Eusebius adapted classical historical writing for a new “nation,” the Christians, with a distinctive theo-political vision.