Theresa McConnon '81 Named 'Klondike Kate 2016'

Klondike Kate 2016 by Darrin Johnson

Theresa McConnon as Klondike Kate 2016 (Photo by Darrin Johnson)

Theresa McConnon (nee Nadeau) '81 was selected as the 2016 Klondike Kate at Saint Paul's Winter Carnival on Jan. 13.

McConnon, a St. Paul resident and social worker for 30 years, is a two-time Klondike Kate finalist. With a great love of musical theater and concert, McConnon has a 15-year background in singing, dancing and acting in local community theaters, has 20 years of lessons in tap dancing, and has taken improvisation training and voice lessons. She is a wife and mother of one.

The Klondike Kate competition has been held as part of the festival since the 1970s and features a flamboyant cabaret-style show reminiscent of the Gold Rush. Members of the Royal Order of Klondike Kates now make more than 100 appearances a year through parades, at senior citizen’s homes, Meals on Wheels, Chamber of Commerce shows, conventions, benefits, the Minnesota State Fair and other engagements.

The carnival will run Jan. 28-Feb. 7.