Honorable Mention, Sense of Place: Caitlin Woodard, Kathmandu, Nepal. "The Boudhanath Stupa: The Boudhanath Stupa is a sacred destination for Buddhists and tourists alike. Meditations are offered by walking clockwise around the base of this stupa. Monks at the neighboring monasteries burn cedar incense, which contributes to the calming atmosphere."

Tommies Document Experiences Abroad for Annual Photo Contest

The Office of Study Abroad at St. Thomas congratulates this year’s winners of its annual Study Abroad Photo Contest.

The winning photos will be on display in O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library in Coffee Bene, the Anderson Student Center, and on the Study Abroad website and Facebook page.

The photos were judged by members of the Office of Study Abroad, Art History Department, Campus Stores, Disability Resources, Campus Life, Anderson Student Center staff and a study abroad returnee.

First-place winners received $100, second place received $50 and third place received $25. The winning photos of the contest represent a glimpse into the many different experiences students had studying throughout the world.

This year over 300 photos were submitted into three categories:

  • A Sense of Place: capturing the place and landscape of the unique atmosphere of the country in which you were a guest
  • An Intercultural Experience: capturing an interaction between the host culture and students that features learning, play, shared labor, music, dance, cooking, outdoor adventures and more
  • Tommies Abroad: photos of St. Thomas students abroad that reflect the overall study abroad experience and St. Thomas pride

Congratulations, winners! (Click photos to expand into slideshow.)