Too Late To Negotiate

It’s been said that professionals can lose upwards of $50,000 during their professional career simply by not negotiating during the job offer. While it is true that once a job offer is rejected, in hopes of negotiating a better deal, the company has a right to choose another candidate, it is less likely they will offer it to someone else before attempting an agreement with the top candidate.

There are several steps to consider before accepting any position, let alone your dream occupation.

First consider when the decision needs to be made, a 24 hour grace period should be granted in the very least. Second, always ask for the offer in writing, which includes a suggested start date, benefits package provided by the company, compensation and time off granted. This allows everyone to be on the same page and to maintain transparency throughout the negotiation process.

While most companies say that there isn’t any “wiggle room” for an offered position, there are several options that can be sought after. All of the following are up for debate: compensation, start date, time off, benefits, work schedule, work location (working remotely) and even moving assistance and office location. While a quick “no” can come at any point in the process, the individuals core values and person worth should always ring true when making the final decision.

Once the final offer has been agreed on, be sure to get the final confirmation of everything that has been agreed upon. Review the package in its entirety, including the fine print. Make copies for your keeping, and congratulate yourself on a successful negotiation process. Remember it never hurts to ask, “no” could also mean “not right now.”

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