Top Reasons for Pursuing an MBA

An article posted on yesterday announced that, contrary to popular belief, salary increases are not the main motivator for students to apply to MBA programs.  While the desire to learn about how business affects society as well as create positive changes were cited as the main motivators to pursue graduate business education, the article did note that the majority of respondents still expected salaries of over $100,000 after graduation.

An earlier article on looked at one particular applicant's path to applying to business school; he cited the opportunity to strengthen his formal business education, change careers, and use his strategic thinking capabilities to their fullest.  And a blogger for the New York Times offers a variety of additional reasons for pursuing an MBA.

Are students motivated to enroll in MBA programs because they see it as a way to increase their earning potential? Certainly. But it's apparent that the MBA degree can provide value to students in many other ways.  If you're an MBA student or alumnus, why did you decide to pursue the degree? And if you're considering applying for an MBA, feel free to share your thoughts about why the degree would be valuable to you.