University Advocates for Women and Equity Announce 2015 Award Recipients

UAWE phoenixSt. Thomas staff member Peggy Jerabek and student Bailey Fischer have been honored as the 2014-15 Sister Pat Kowalski Women’s Leadership Award winners.

Named for Sister Pat Kowalski, who was director of community partnerships at St. Thomas for seven years, the award is presented by the University Advocates for Women and Equity and given annually to women in the UST community who have distinguished themselves in their work on issues of concern to women. The award rotates among three constituencies of female employees on the UST campus: faculty, exempt staff and nonexempt staff. An award also is given annually to a female student.

Jerabek and Fischer will receive their awards at the UAWE’s spring reception at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, April 9, in McNeely Hall, Room 100, on the St. Paul campus. For more information about the reception, visit the UAWE website.

Previous recipients of the Kowalski award:

Pauline Lambert, 2000
Amanda Rios, 2001
Ann Johnson, 2002
Elizabeth Dussol, 2003
Nicole Gurgel, 2004
Kay Egan, 2005
JoAnn Andregg, 2006
Alethea Alden and Laura Stierman, 2007
Jill Manske, 2008
Mary Ann Ryan, 2009
Lauren Miller and Kelly Rodriguez, 2010
Debra Petersen, 2011
Pat Alexander and Christina Weiberg, 2012
Susan Anderson-Benson and Emilee Sirek, 2013
Brenda Powell and Melissa Seymour, 2014

Two students, one faculty member and one staff member have been named recipients of two other awards presented annually by the University Advocates for Women and Equity:

  • Students: Madelyn Larsin and Grace Nelson
  • Faculty member: Wendy Wyatt (COJO)
  • Staff member: Nora Fitzpatrick (Institutional Planning & Decision Support)

Fitzpatrick and Wyatt won the Good Sister Award for giving help and support to the women around them on campus. Larsin and Nelson are the recipients of the Pauline Lambert Advocacy Award for taking initiative in challenging problems that exist around gender issues.

For more information about all of the awards, visit the UAWE website.