Update: University community’s assistance requested to prevent ice-related falls

Two members of the St. Thomas community were hurt in ice-related falls last week, according to Colin Brownlow, the university’s director of environmental health and safety. Moderating temperatures this week are allowing the university's grounds staff to attack the ice on sidewalks and roads around campus. Those same moderating temperatures, however, also are causing temporary ice problems due to the snow melting and refreezing on walkways.

Members of the university community can help prevent ice-related injuries by:

  • Allowing a little extra time to walk between buildings on campus and avoiding rushing.
  • Paying particular attention to the walking surface by keeping their eyes focused on the path ahead.
  • Keeping both hands free to aid in balance when crossing slippery areas.
  • Wearing footwear with high traction soles and low heels appropriate for winter weather.
  • Reporting ice build-up and new areas of ice to the Physical Plant either by phone, (651) 962-6530, or by using the online service request utility.

Members of the university community also are reminded that winter slip hazards are not limited to icy sidewalks. Interior floors can become slippery due to snow and water being shed from footwear. This hazard can be minimized by taking a moment to knock snow off footwear before entering a building, wiping up or reporting to the Physical Plant slush or pools of water in hallways, and paying close attention to the footing in hallways near exterior doorways.