UST in the News

UST in the news

Here's a roundup of recent stories of interest that mention St. Thomas.

Read the stories by clicking on the links. Links do expire and change as papers move stories to “archive” status, so be sure to read stories soon if you’re interested. In some cases, you’ll need to register on the publication’s Web site in order to access the stories.

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  • St. Paul should act now to improve student housing,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sept. 24, 2003. The editorial states, “Colleges and universities do their best to advise students on safety issues. Some, such as St. Thomas, already try to exclude known problem landlords from advertising lists. Like the university, St. Paul's institutions should consider options for increasing scrutiny of private student housing. But city action is needed to make a real difference.”
  • “Dave Beal: Nasdaq drops off,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sept. 24, 2003. “Others think the state has many promising startups — the companies of tomorrow — that aren't in the public eye yet. Mike Ryan, director of the small business development center at the University of St. Thomas, sees a lot of them. He points to the latest issue of Entrepreneur magazine, which concluded that the Twin Cities area is among the nation's best for entrepreneurs.”
  • “Bulletin Board,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sept. 25, 2003. Two UST profs weigh in on vices.
  • “Health care panel,” Twin Cities Public Television, Sept. 26, 2003. Former Sen. Dave Durenberger, who heads the UST-based National Institute of Health Policy, appeared on Channel 2’s “Almanac” program.  He discussed the Minnesota Citizens’ Forum on Health Care Costs. Watch the show at . Durenberger also will be on Minnesota Public Radio's “Midday” program between 11 a.m. and noon today, Oct. 1. Listen live at For more information about the citizens’ forum, go to .
  • “Semi-pro Minnesota Maulers want to take it all this year,” Star Tribune, Sept. 26, 2003. “They don't play for allegiance to school, hometown or state. They sure don't play for throngs of fans. They play because they love the game. They come from Louisiana, from Iowa, from St. Paul. They have played at Florida A&M, the University of St. Thomas and North Dakota State. They are in their 20s, 30s and 40s; many are husbands and fathers.”
  • “School programs help block bullying,” St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sept. 26, 2003. “What's important, said Michael Obsatz, author of  ‘Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World,’ and who teaches a ‘Bullied to Death’ workshop for teachers through the University of St. Thomas, is that schools take a ‘zero tolerance approach toward bullying.’"
  • “Business forum: After considering all the costs, consider buying,” Star Tribune, Sept. 28, 2003. Dr. Fred Zimmerman, of UST Graduate Programs in Engineering and Technology management, authored this week’s forum.
  • “All they do is win: Local sports teams all flying high,” Star Tribune, Sept. 28, 2003. “We’re happier and we get some pleasure from all this,” said economics Prof. Charles [“Mel”] Gray of the University of St. Thomas. “That social or cultural capital is an indefinable sense of all being in the same boat as citizens together in the same community.” (FYI: This story was distributed Sept. 29 by the Associated Press.)