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Veterans Resource Center Growing Programming, Student Opportunities

Four months after its opening in November, programming and resources at the St. Thomas Veterans Resource Center are starting to take off.

Director Norman Ferguson said there has been enthusiasm across the university as the center has continued developing how to best support veteran students on campus.

“Everyone has been totally willing to go along with us and what we need to do as we build this,” he said. “As we’re meeting people, everyone just wants to help.”

The center’s programming calendar is beginning to fill up, including an upcoming program with the Veterans' Association visiting campus, as well as a career luncheon with U.S. Bancorp in April.

“What’s neat is that the vets are coming to me and asking about things they need,” Ferguson said. “The majority of our programming is them coming to me with ideas and then it’s, ‘Of course, we’ll figure it out.’”

Ferguson also pointed to the recent hiring of a counselor dedicated to veteran care at the Wellness Center, as well as a soon-to-be-made hire for an academic counselor and adviser dedicated to veteran students.

“We’re really excited for the next year,” Ferguson said.