Wanted: Proposals for Campus Sustainability Fund Projects

Members of the St. Thomas community, students, staff and faculty are invited to submit proposals for funds from the university’s Campus Sustainability Fund. The fund is part of the university’s commitment to become climate neutral by 2035 as outlined by the UST Climate Action Plan.

The plan includes a pool of funds to pay for carbon-abatement projects proposed by members of the university community – students, faculty, staff and departments. CSF has a budget of $50,000 available for funding-deserving projects.

Higher education is actively solicited by a variety of stakeholders, government, industry, aid organizations and other groups to create sustainable solutions in response to environmental challenges. Since 2006 many American colleges and universities answered the solicitation by pledging to “green” their operations and campus life. UST’s Climate Action Plan is the university's response to this solicitation.

Proposals for funds from the CSF should include projects that will directly address and benefit sustainability at the University of St. Thomas, including, but not limited to, effectiveness in offsetting greenhouse gases while involving students. The deadline for electronic submission is 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12. Awards will be announced by the end of fall semester.

Visit the Sustainability website for more information on the UST Climate Action Plan and to complete the CSF Request for Proposal.