Web Wednesday: 'Instant Expert' sessions offered by IRT

Web Wednesday: 'Instant Expert' sessions offered by IRT

From Information Resources and Technologies

Information Resources and Technologies is offering four "Instant Expert" technology sessions to the UST community. The "Instant Expert" sessions were developed originally to provide IRT staff an opportunity to share technical expertise with their colleagues in a relaxed, informal setting. As we looked at this year's topics, we realized that several would be of interest to the community at large.

There may be more offerings coming over the summer, which also will be announced through the Bulletin Today.

The "Instant Expert" sessions are conducted in an instructor-led discussion-and-demonstration format. Will you actually leave the session as an "instant expert"? Well, it's a catchy name and a worthy goal, but be assured we'll do our best to ensure you know more about the topic when you walk out than you did when you walked in! We hope you'll join us.

IRT has partnered with the Leadership Academy to offer these sessions through Training Online. Registration is required and seating is limited, so please visit Training Online to register and reserve a spot.

Here is the schedule:

  • "Podcasting," 10 a.m.-noon Thursday, April 12, in Room 152, Murray-Herrick Campus Center. The instructor is Eric Larson.

    Podcasting – what is it, who's doing it, and how does it relate to UST? Whether you just want to hear podcasts or "spread the word" yourself, join us for an overview of popular terms and technologies in the world of Internet-delivered audio and video. This session would benefit faculty, staff and students who have heard of the word " podcast" but might have trouble defining or explaining it and would like to learn more about creating and listening to podcasts. An update on UST's podcasting pilot will be included.

  • "What's New for Blackboard? Changes and Enhancements Coming Summer 2007," 10 a.m.-noon Thursday, April 19, in Room 152, Murray- Herrick Campus Center. The instructor is Elizabeth Smith.

    Summer 2007 will bring exciting changes and enhancements to Blackboard as UST implements the next generation of Blackboard tools. This session will introduce you to the new Blackboard Content System and ePortfolio tool. This session would be of benefit to faculty and staff who are interested in learning how the content system can be used to more efficiently store, manage and share content from within courses and community sites. Participants also will learn how the  ePortfolio tool can be used to facilitate a range of activities from student assessment to professional development and achievement.

  • "Network Security," 10 a.m.-noon Friday, April 27, in Room 155, Murray-Herrick Campus Center. The instructors are Tom Oscanyan and Chris Gregg.

    The session will include a summary of what we now do to protect UST desktops and what steps we might take in the near future. This session would benefit UST faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about how we can secure our UST desktop computers.

  • "McNeely Hall Classroom Technology," 10-11 a.m. Friday, May 4, in Room 114, McNeely Hall. The instructor is Kathy O'Neil.

    McNeely Hall classrooms have state-of-the-art instructional technology. See how information can be presented in new ways using a touch panel control system with multiple input devices. This session would benefit faculty and staff who may need to use this new technology for their teaching and learning efforts. Please allow one hour for this "Instant Expert" session.