Webviewer Scheduled to Be Offline Nov. 14-18

Campus Scheduling Services is finalizing plans to install an upgrade to Webviewer, the university’s event-request system. Part of the final stage of this process requires that Webviewer be offline. IRT and Campus Scheduling Services has scheduled Webviewer to be offline Wednesday, Nov. 14, through Sunday, Nov. 18.

As a result, the online request form to reserve space on campus will not be available those five days.

Campus Scheduling Services asks that those who wish to reserve a space plan ahead and ensure that their November events are scheduled and that all needs are communicated prior to Nov. 14.

Any last-minute requests will need to be communicated via manual request and coordinated with the appropriate operation groups. Campus Scheduling will replace Webviewer while it is offline with an electronic-form request that will need to be emailed to Campus Scheduling Services for review.