Wellness Center offers final Heart Hunt Clue

Wellness Center offers final Heart Hunt Clue

From the Wellness Center

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Will the Wellness Center’s wooden heart be found today? As part of promoting healthy relationships, a wooden heart is hidden somewhere on the UST campus. Find the heart and win a date for two (two movie tickets and a gift card to a local restaurant).

The Heart Hunt is open to all current St. Thomas students. The rules are just like the Heritage Week Treasure Hunt: The wooden heart is hidden on the St. Paul campus. A new clue is published daily in Bulletin Today. You do not need to tip, dismantle or otherwise wreck anything to find the treasure. Please be kind to the campus during your hunt. To win, you must find the wooden heart and return it to the Wellness Center, located in the lower level of Koch Commons.

E-mail the Wellness Center or stop by the Wellness office.

Below is Clue No. 5, the final clue (and healthy relationship tips). Good luck and happy hunting!

* * *

Clue No. 5
Two streets meet to form one.
Go here and the hunt will be done.

Healthy Relationship Tip No. 5

Help in getting out of a relationship:

  • Be honest. Be honest with yourself and be honest with the other person.
  • Be respectful. State your feelings and intent to end the relationship clearly and compassionately. Don’t drag it out when you know it’s over; it will only become harder.
  • Be clear. Don’t lie, find reasons to avoid the other person, be manipulative or play other games. Don’t expect the other person to guess what is going on for you. Be clear, honest, and compassionate.

* * *

Clue No. 4
Don’t stray too far. The heart is right under your nose.
We don’t want you to get hit by a car,
which would hurt we suppose.

Healthy Relationship Tip No. 4

Clues you should seek help:

  • You are obsessed with the other person to the detriment of job or school, your other friendships or the other parts of your life.
  • You don’t feel you can move forward and get on with your life after your relationship has ended.
  • You are eating (or not eating) or sleeping (or not sleeping) excessively for an extended period of time.
  • Your work or school performance is suffering, and you don’t really care.

* * *

Clue No. 3
Healthy relationships are like stones.
They may wear at the edges but are forever strong.

Healthy Relationship Tip No. 3
Relationships can be challenging and confusing. So it is important to be clear on what you want and need. Think of friends you have had. What qualities were most important to you? You might want a friend who you can trust with your most private thoughts and feelings or someone who is fun to be with. Maybe you want a friend who shares values that are important to you. The qualities you think of will include the qualities to look for in any important relationship. These will probably be qualities that others will look for in you as well.

* * *

Clue No. 2
North, south, east west.
Which one is it? Now that is the true test.

Healthy Relationship Tip No. 2
Respect yourself and others. It’s easy to get hurt emotionally – or to hurt someone else – while dating. Be trustworthy and communicate honestly with others. Require them to do the same for you.

* * *

Clue No. 1
You have come here to learn something new,
Find the heart, win a date for two.

* * *

Healthy Relationship Tip No. 1
So what's healthy and what's unhealthy? How do we make sure we get what we deserve in both friendships and romantic relationships? Well, it starts with four basic principles:

  • RESPECT. When two people are in a relationship, there should be mutual respect for each person as an individual, and for the joy that is created when they come together. A healthy partnership means learning about the other person and valuing what is important to him or her.
  • HONESTY. Most people would agree that honesty is crucial to any relationship. At the same time, true honesty about our thoughts and feelings about what we want to happen in the relationship is a challenge to accomplish.
  • TRUST. Trust means you can count on each other and that the other person will be there for you. Trust doesn't come easy and, for most people, needs to be earned over time.
  • COMMUNICATION. Communication is critical to the other three ingredients. It is how we show our respect, honesty and trust. Listening to others and really "hearing them," so we respond and follow through on what they are requesting, is a sign of a strong relationship.