Wellness Screening Program, Flu Shots Available for Employees

Human Resources invites all benefits-eligible employees to participate in the free wellness screening program that will take place Monday, Oct. 24, on the Minneapolis campus, and Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 25-26, on the St. Paul campus.

As an incentive to participate, Human Resources will add $10 to employees' ID cards, which can be used at all UST food locations.

The entire wellness screening process will take less than 30 minutes and will be administered by licensed health care professionals. Employees will receive a mailed customized report of their results, which they can share and discuss with their personal physician.

The screenings provide information on how to improve certain lifestyle practices or identify risk factors for preventable conditions. In some cases, the screenings surface undiagnosed conditions that can be treated at an early stage with a good chance of success.

To register online and for more information, see the Wellness Screening Brochure. (Registration keys are listed on the Program Details page on the last line below each of the three program dates.) 

Flu shots on the St. Paul campus

At the wellness screening in St. Paul on Oct. 25, Health Services will be available to administer flu shots to employees. Flu shots are available regardless of whether you have signed up for the wellness screening.

If you participate in a UST Blue Cross Blue Shield medical plan, the flu shot will be free of charge, as it is covered through the insurance plan. You will need to show your employee ID card to enable Health Services to verify your participation in the plan. If you are not enrolled in a UST medical plan, the flu shot will cost $25, payable by cash, check or billed to your UST account.