Will the Case of the Missing Statue stump campus authors?

Will the Case of the Missing Statue stump campus authors?

"Where's Waldo?" Who cares? What inquiring minds want to know is: Where's Archbishop John Ireland? The Ireland statue, formerly stationed between Foley Plaza and Murray-Herrick Campus Center, was removed to make way for the demolition of Foley Theater, Coughlan Field House and Schoenecker Arena.

But where is he? It's a mystery story that would-be sleuths will be writing about in The Grill by creating a community mystery on a storyboard.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to creatively write the mystery story and to share it with the UST community this summer, but keep topics to the mystery or history related to the three buildings involved in the case.

The facts of the case currently established:

  • Submissions can be typed or hand-written
  • Personal memories of the buildings are welcome
  • Fiction and nonfiction is welcome
  • Names must accompany submissions

Our storyboard begins (one dark and stormy night) in The Grill: "Archbishop John Ireland’s statue has been removed from Foley Plaza and put in storage. What has this unleashed during the demolition of Schoenecker Arena, Foley Theater and Coughlan Field House?"

Where the story ends, only the mystery writers will know for sure.