Application and Admissions Advice: 4 Ways To Make Your MBA Application Stand Out

Make your file stand outDeadlines are approaching--and in some cases passed--for B-school applications. The Evening UST MBA's priority deadline for Spring 2013 admissions was November 1, applications are still welcomed and reviewed once the file is complete. So, as you're working on your application, how can you stand out (in a good way) to get a spot in the class?

We've got an old series of posts here on Opus Magnum with application and admissions advice called "Take it From Me" with some of the bad examples and recently, Business Insider published a great list of 4 Ways To Make Your MBA Application Stand Out.

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make is that "they act on what they perceive the committees want rather than reveal what's interesting within themselves," says Jeremy Shinewald, author of "The Complete Start-to-Finish MBA Admissions Guide" and founder of mbaMission, a consulting firm for business school candidates. "They try to become something that they're not to impress the committee."

Shinewald's tips:

  1. Prove that you can handle quantitative work
  2. Explain how the school's specific program will benefit you
  3. Show that you're a top performer in your profession
  4. Prove that you can work in diverse environments

Every program has different ways for you to make these points, be it in an interview, in your essay responses or test scores, but this advice is spot-on for success in applications to the UST MBA. Admission decisions don't just come down to the "numbers" in your application (GPA, GMAT score, etc.). We're looking for fit with the program and examples of an applicant's ability to succeed in class. If you have questions about any part of the admissions process, our staff are always happy to help.